August 5, 2017

On July 31st were very excited to partner with The Paper Canoe Company on a super fun music video for kids called "Hey Wow”. We did the mix and sound design here at Studio 44. I especially had fun with it because my 5-year old daughter helped me with the foley and homemade SFX.

Hey Wow.png

On August 1st, we were psyched to collaborate with our friend  David Goren on a radio documentary he produced called “After the Ottomans” which is part of a six part series called “The Music of Time,” for the BBC World Service and The Open University of London. The host is Maria Margaronis and we recorded her VO for the piece at Studio 44. This segment is scheduled to air on November 25, 2017. 

David Goren is a radio producer, and audio archivist whose work blurs the line between audio documentary and sound art. Grounded in intensive monitoring of global broadcast culture, he examines its ability to create and support community over long distances. David has created programming for NPR’s "Lost and Found Sound" series, On the Media, Afropop Worldwide, and Jazz at Lincoln Center, as well as audio-based installations for Proteus Gowanus and the Ethnographic Terminalia Collective. In 2003, he founded the Shortwave Shindig, a multi-hour live mix incorporating spoken word, musical performance, radio tuning, and archival sound. He is also one half of the shortwave radio jam band, The Propagations, with Ned Sublette.

David Goren.png

This week on Afropop Worldwide we are featuring "Off the Beaten Track: Burkina Faso, Malawi, and Beyond" produced by Banning Eyre.

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September 2, 2017

July 18, 2017