October 30, 2017


On September 25-26 Banning Eyre was back at the studio to mix another episode for Afropop Worldwide entitled "Lagos Roots: Fuji, Juju and Apala". Here is the official description of that episode:

"Beneath the gloss of Nigeria’s contemporary pop, older roots styles, mostly derived from Yoruba tradition, still thrive. In this program, we meet four top stars of fuji music, the percussion-driven, message-heavy, and occasionally profane trance music that animates weddings and parties on a daily basis in hidden corners of Lagos. Rival “kings” K1 da Ultimate and Saheed Osupa and a rare woman of fuji, Salawa Abeni, take us inside the rough and tumble of an exciting musical subculture little known outside Nigeria. We also meet juju legend Shina Peters, and meet the up-and-comers of the Lagos roots scene. And we drop in on Seun Kuti and take the pulse of the still-thriving Afrobeat scene at the New Afrika Shrine. This program fills out our Hip Deep portrait of Lagos, a vibrant African city where music holds the keys to a tumultuous collision of cultures and peoples."

Metropolis 1.png

On September 29th we were thrilled to work with 3 of the founding members of Metropolis Video - Steven Lawrence, Tom Zafian, and Michael Owen. Metropolis Video was a group of filmmakers and video makers who documented on video the early years of the punk rock music scene in New York City, from 1975 to 1977. They shot footage of numerous punk rock and new wave bands at CBGB, the downtown music club, which in 1975 had been open only two years.

Much of Metropolis Video's work was shown on public access cable television. In October 1977 there was a two-day show of their work at The Kitchen, New York’s premiere avant-garde and experimental arts center, which was located in SoHo at that time.

The New York Times music critic John Rockwell wrote that because of Metropolis Video's work and their cable TV series, "the efflorescence of the New York underground rock scene at the CBGB club will live on past the present moment.[1]

At Studio 44 we re-mastered the music for their video "Live from CBGB 1975" with Steve and Tom. The artists featured include:  The Heartbreakers with Richard Hell (their third live performance), and the Talking Heads (as a trio) before their first album, Blondie, the Tuff Darts (featuring Robert Gordon), and Orchestra Luna. This newly re-mastered version was shown at The Kitchen on October 3, 2017.

"Metropolis Video at the Kitchen was a great hit...The sound really was amazing last night, especially Talking Heads. We got many compliments on the clarity and beauty of the mix! It sounded spectacular over a large system. Thanks again for your wizardry! Made a big difference, and it sounded SPECTACULAR! Thank you for your insight and skill!"


Founders of Metropolis Video and producers of Live from CBGB 1975



September 21, 2017