Happy Clients

Live from CBGB 1975

Live from CBGB 1975

"Metropolis Video at the Kitchen was a great hit...The sound really was amazing last night, especially Talking Heads. We got many compliments on the clarity and beauty of the mix! It sounded spectacular over a large system. Thanks again for your wizardry! Made a big difference, and it sounded SPECTACULAR! Thank you for your insight and skill!"


Founders of Metropolis Video and producers of Live from CBGB 1975


"Mike Jones is one of the best mix engineers I've worked with. Time and time again he's proven to be the finest person for the job. Artful, intelligent mixing that exceed our expectations every time! Working with him is like having a good friend patient enough to listen to all your needs, in this case an anxious producer needing to meet the highest standards for broadcast that millions will hear. I trust his ear, I trust his advice, I trust his craft, and I trust Mike to be honest, professional and top quality. Furthermore, Mike is attentive and gives productive feedback when his opinion is asked. He's also a wonderful and pleasant person to work with. I love the results and we'll keep working with Mike, as he never fails to deliver!"


Radio Rookies

"Mike Jones has been the Chief Audio Engineer and co-producer for our nationally syndicated public radio program, Afropop Worldwide, for almost two decades. He has an outstanding ear for music and voices as well as strong skills in all phases of production. Mike has a very strong commitment to excellence of the final product and professional pride that shows itself over and over again. That means I as the producer can relax and focus on what I need to focus on. Since joining our team in 1993, he has never missed a deadline. Mike is more than an engineer. I value his judgment and he participates in the creative choices we make during every mix."


Executive Producer
Afropop Worldwide and afropop.org

"Mike is a professional, period. When you work with him you get the best possible results and never have to think twice about the integrity of his work. He's extremely detail oriented and deeply reliable. He's a one of kind rising star in the sound world, I would work with him any day."

— BJ Levin

Executive Producer of Vice on HBO


"Mike Jones is one of my favorite people to work with. He was the main audio engineer on "Inside Job," in which he can be seen on-screen miking people up in the title sequence! During production, he was so thoughtful about every set-up, approaching each one as its own sound universe and never defaulting to any one technique. At the end of production, we needed an interview done in Iceland, and could only afford to send Mike and a DP there. I trusted him so much at this point that I asked him if I could hire him to perform the function of a producer as well as being an audio engineer that day. He said yes and took care of everything. Mike is also extremely likable and has great taste in music. I plan to keep working with him as long as I work in film."


Inside Job


"Mike Jones is our go-to person for all sound needs. He's a consummate professional and a joy to work with. We can't imagine working with anyone else."


Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker
Orchard Films

"I worked with Mike Jones over the past three years on the documentary "The Queen of Versailles". Throughout it all, I could always rely on Mike to come prepared with a solution to any sound recording need. In addition to his great work ethic and his depth of expertise, I was consistently impressed with his ability to always have his head in the game, putting the production first. He was a pleasure to work with and a true professional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best sound recording artist and a great guy."


The Queen of Versailles